Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Job

This fall I will be teaching mathematics for Barnegat High School. Yes, almost a year of job searching has landed me back in the same town I grew up in. No complaining on my part. It's a great area, a growing school,....and a job.

If you had the question, our mascot in the bengal. Let's take a tour of the mascots that I've had to represent over the years. Imagine goofy montage music starting now.

In elementary school, we were the Seakhawks! Squaa!

In middle school, we were the Bulldogs! Grrr!

In high school, we were the Rams! ......Baa?

In college, we were the Seagulls! More bread!

In my first year of teaching, we were the Lions! Grrr! Again!

And now, I will be represented by the mighty Bengal. 

At least I wasn't like Christa's college mascot. They were the Professors, or the Profs. I'm not joking. Go Profs! Teach us something!!

A Bengal eats a Prof anyday.